Zaha Hadid designs interiors for Dubai’s Opus office tower

The holistic project involves the fitting out of the complex’s hotel rooms and apartment units, which are located at the upper levels of the structure. hotel suites are designed to cater to local residents and international travelers alike, while apartments within the distinctive scheme combine an urban way of living with a home-away-from home appeal, offering panoramic views across the city below. each room features an interactive media center and with an integrated digital music environment, while sliding and pivoting panels allow volumes to be readily and easily transformed. Throughout the scheme, clearly defined public spaces encourage the congregation of people from different backgrounds and cultures, allowing guests to engage with one another.

g1 g2 g3 g4 zaha-hadid-designs-interiors-for-dubais-opus-office-tower-designboom-01 zaha-hadid-designs-interiors-for-dubais-opus-office-tower-designboom-02 zaha-hadid-designs-interiors-for-dubais-opus-office-tower-designboom-03 zaha-hadid-designs-interiors-for-dubais-opus-office-tower-designboom-04 zaha-hadid-designs-interiors-for-dubais-opus-office-tower-designboom-05 zaha-hadid-designs-interiors-for-dubais-opus-office-tower-designboom-06 zaha-hadid-designs-interiors-for-dubais-opus-office-tower-designboom-07 zaha-hadid-designs-interiors-for-dubais-opus-office-tower-designboom-08 zaha-hadid-designs-interiors-for-dubais-opus-office-tower-designboom-09All images courtesy of Zaha Hadid architects / Opus Dubai

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