Kežmarské Hut by Atelier 8000

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting architecture, design and interiors, so when we came across this futuristic resort we just had to share it with you.


A concept designed for an international competition, Czech architecture firm Atelier 8000 have proposed a fascinating take on the typical mountain retreat. A cube that appears to be resting atop one of its corners, the Kežmarské Hut is a futuristic, sustainable structure made of aluminum, glass and solar panels. Able to function completely off the grid, the contemporary building is intended to accommodate high-altitude mountaineers year-round in the High Tatra Mountains. Designed to merge into the mountainous background, the construction amplifies the use of light and shadows. The thoughtful shape of the hut allows the building to utilize solar energy to the maximum possible extent. The five-story building includes extensive ski storage space, two floors of guest rooms, an attic meditation room, a restaurant and a deck. During warmer months, guests will be able to relax on the hotel’s patio, which wraps around two of the building’s sides.

lodge 3 lodge 4 lodge 2 lodge 5 lodge 6 atelier80007 lodge 7

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