Future office space

One thing that is certain is that it is no longer business as usual! With generation Z’s entering the workforce, we will be looking into how the office space of the future will change. The “new” office will be very different to what we currently see. Over the next few months we will be looking into reports by some of the world’s leading trend forecasters, futurists, designers and architects, to better understand the office of the future. We thought we would however share some interesting images of what some of these amazing spaces could actually look like.

4-2d7b6962686e1b3287b43dedf5a7666b 51c50f89b3fc4b9dc7000062_future-town-hall-of-t-nder-competition-entry-we-architecture_double_office_space a3275cba7c1cd2132a9559987013882d comet-predicts-future-2 docklands-portfolio future-office Holographic-Interfaces maxresdefault metropolis_wof_2013_01 Penthouse Office II VoitRealEstateServicesIrvineLobby-Image1 wf_110614_FutureTech_680x300

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