African Interior Design

Hi there,

We thought we’d celebrate African inspired interior design this week and take a look at adding a touch of earthy class to your commercial spaces.

Africa is beautiful! With her rolling green hills, sprawling savannahs, multi-cultural people and sheer diversity on every level, it’s hard not to want to incorporate her into design. Africa is known for its exquisite wildlife canvasses, its bold animal textile prints, handmade masks and its beautifully woven baskets. Incorporate these along with textures and fabrics in the style of African artisans to create vignettes throughout the space. Tip: Hanging woven baskets on a wall is a great and easy way to showcase textures from Africa.

Vivid colors combined with earthy tones are the basis of this style. Masks and wooden figures made by local craftsmen can give the space a traditional and even mystical air. The recipe for this decorating style is simple – you should feel the warmth of the sun and sand, but also a wealth of flora, fauna and African heritage.

Other ideas for introducing African style are to use rough and simple wood or wicker furniture with a rough surface finish or animal prints used as artwork pieces or textured wall coverings.

All of these ideas would look absolutely amazing, and give any space a beautifully unique African feel.