Perk up with Palettes of Spring

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With the days getting longer, the weather warmer and the colours brighter, the office is going to need a bit of sprucing up to match. Nobody wants to walk from a fresh spring day into a gloomy office! Besides, a little colour in the office can boost staff morale, encourage productivity and foster a harmonious and cheerful working environment.

So in the interests of a more optimistic office, we’ve put together a few foliage inspired shades of the season. Incorporate them into the office environment in any way you see fit, whether it’s rugs, furniture, wall hangings or fresh flowers. Enjoy.

The Perfect Pastel

Pastel shades just epitomise spring! They offer an ethereal and stylish palette for any interior or exterior space. When pastels are mixed with rich and vibrant tones, they create the perfect floral pairing of any springtime inspired collection. When trying to add a little springtime zest to your office, choose luscious lilacs and vivacious violets complemented with a splash of primary tones, such as a vibrant red or deep leafy green.

44033 Blog Pastel Perfect

Naturally Neutral

If your going for a sunset or fynbos spring palette, consider earthy browns, golden yellows and tonal creams to really incorporate this springtime floral trend. It’s a subtle and sophisticated look that will still add a brightness and warmth to any office space.

44033 Naturally Neutral

Bright and Bold

If you’re bursting with the joys of Spring then draw from a bountifully bold palette of springtime exuberance! Think mint greens and lemon yellows, paired with fuchsia pinks and warming oranges to transform the most simple of surroundings into a spring time palette boasting a rich and cheerful utopia of colour. Consider both primary and secondary shades, and mix the two together in order to really enhance the quality of this springtime trend.

44033 Bright & Bold