Choosing a colour palette for commercial spaces

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Choosing the right colour palette for the flooring in a commercial space is an important decision to get right. Every space is unique and every corporation has a unique vision and brand identity. As such, there are many factors to take into account. In a nutshell, choose the colours that will work with the décor and the brand, also ensuring that your choice works for the overall feeling in the office or building.

When deciding on the colour palette for the floor, here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

1. Consider the corporate/ brand identity

While it might not be necessary to incorporate the company’s brand identity in the choice of flooring colour or style, the flooring must complement the overall décor, which, in all likelihood, will reflect it.

2. Define the colour palette according to the category of colour scheme:

– Do you need to opt for a monotone, or single colour, palette, such as greys or beiges?
– What about a monochromatic palette consisting of a single vibrant colour, eg reds?
– An analogous palette incorporates colours that are adjacent on the colour wheel, eg red, orange and yellow
– A complementary palette is made up of contrasting colours, eg red and green

3. Consider the lighting and size of the space when selecting the flooring colour. Do you need to pick a warm, cool or neutral colour?

– Lighter / neutral colours can be used successfully in big areas
– Brighter colours are usually best reserved for accenting an area

Remember that natural light will change colours and their intensity throughout the day.


Bespoke designs and solutions

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As the worlds of fashion and décor get ever closer, so the terms used in fashion filter into the décor industry too. Bespoke is one such word and it seems to be gaining in popularity.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘bespoke’ as an adjective, referring to goods, especially clothing, made to order, eg a ‘bespoke suit’. In other words, it’s custom made, made to measure, or specially customised. Definitely not ‘run of the mill’!

Bespoke carpeting

In décor terms, one area that is increasingly getting the bespoke treatment is carpeting. Customers today want décor, furnishing and lighting that is made according to their particular specifications, customised to suit their individual needs and carpeting is no exception. Architects, interior designers and decorators are working closely with customers to give them freedom of choice and a custom carpet tile design is an important area in which to do so – for a brand, it can provide a strong link to the brand identity, allowing for a larger than life brand presence. Furthermore, carpeting is not just easy on the eye, it’s durable, hardwearing and practical. It acts as insulation and absorbs sounds. All of which are vital considerations in the commercial space.

Custom design

Choosing a company with custom design and product development expertise is essential. They will be able to create bespoke design carpet tiles or broadloom carpeting encapsulating your choice. This enables you to emphasise a customer’s brand colours, co-ordinate the flooring with the interior or even communicate a message.

Check out Avance’s Customiser tool, which has been designed to give you creative freedom and the ability to visualise the design of your choice in a variety of room scenarios.

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