Shed a little light

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Today’s workplace is a complex and fluid environment, involving a wide range of visual tasks. Companies and their employees can benefit from efficient and effective office lighting to increase productivity and elevate morale. Practically one looks for minimum glare on screens, low luminance contrasts around the workstation and energy cost reductions as just a few of the key requirements. But of course much of the ambience and mood of a space is dictated by the lighting so its psychological effects on both clients and employees must be taken into consideration as well. Your lighting design will also express a lot about the character or personality of your business itself, whether you’re clinical and minimalist or perhaps a little warmer and more welcoming or maybe trendy and artistic. Let’s take a look at some pretty cool and vastly varied commercial lighting designs. Enjoy.






2015 Office décor trends

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With 2015 already halfway through, it’s interesting to see that many of the office décor predictions for the year have become a reality. Here are a few of the trends we love that are being seen in South African and international office spaces in 2015:

1. The evolution of the ‘good old open plan’

Increasingly, office spaces are becoming shared spaces, with the focus on open and collaborative, rather than cordoned-off and enclosed. But it’s not just rows of individual workstations; it’s more about comfort, ergonomics and flexibility. This is in keeping with today’s more open communication and the need for information sharing, brainstorming and collaboration. Smaller private places are still important though, for those meetings or phone calls that require confidentiality or quiet.

2. Flexibility

With the open spaces comes a rise in flexibility – as employers become more flexible with working arrangements, so the need for a more adaptable office environment increases. Offices are including different workspaces for employees who are at the office fulltime, for those who come and go, and for those remote-access employees who only occasionally need a desk.

Breakaway areas are being provided for relaxation, meetings and sometimes just a different place to do your work – who wants to spend an entire day in one strictly defined work area? The ability to work using multiple devices opens up all sorts of interesting, multi-purpose workspace possibilities.

3. Using colour and patterns to reflect the brand

Mix and match is out, simple, clean décor with pops of colour and pattern is in! Colour is introduced stylishly to echo the personality of the company’s brand, while patterned carpeting adds interest and a further way to link to corporate colours in terms of design.

With the breaking down of physical barriers comes the need for noise management and that’s where carpeting comes to the fore. It absorbs noise pollution from clicking heels, scraping chairs, loud voices and telephones. Check out Avance’s range of commercial carpeting for your next commercial space!