Who Are we ?


Experience our innovative manufacturing techniques, our legendary craftsmanship and our custom-made designs.
Avance Commercial Carpeting offers you exceptional quality you can afford made right here in South Africa.

Experience our innovative manufacturing techniques, our legendary craftsmanship and our custom-made designs.




Only the finest materials are used in the manufacture of Avance tile and broadloom carpets. Rolling off our vertically integrated mills in either high-performance BCF synthetic or natural fibres, we use various tufting techniques and yarn styles to enhance our carpets’ construction.

The creative process begins with you. Our innovative online Avance Customiser allows a wide range of designer options – from colours to patters. Based on international trends, our range is vibrant and stylish. The examples on the Customiser are by no means exhaustive – we pride ourselves in offering bespoke solutions to suit any need. As opposed to wood or tile floor coverings, in the commercial sector, these customisable options allow for a larger-than-life brand presence. Our carpets aren’t just easy on the eyes; they’re durable, hardwearing and practical. When it comes to installation, nothing beats the ease of carpeted tiles. For customers who are in need of a faster solution, we sport a range of ready-design options.



Avance Carpets are eco-friendly and we strive to constantly invest in new energy conservation techniques and waste management processes. Avance is a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, which has as its aim, the adoption of best green building practices. Avance has a certificate of compliance (Green Star Office Design IEQ-13) from the Green Building Council of Australia in terms of product emissions. This means the levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are in line with the lowest limits defined by the council. Many of our carpets are made from 100% reclaimed polyester, which reduces our carbon footprint.

Another innovative item we make is the Ecotwist BCF polyester pile, which is made up of at least 20% recycled post-consumed drink bottles. It doesn’t require stock dyeing and saves water and energy. Ecotwist has been tested by the SABS and found to pass the requirements for Class 4 medium commercial use in terms of simulated wear, colour fastness and stability, as well as pile crush. Other energy saving methods we use includes replacing tungsten lights with more energy-frugal LED versions.

Some four years ago, we installed a more economical steam boiler for greater thermal efficiency. The gardens around the factory draw water from an effluent treatment plant and waste wool is recycled internally. Waste yarn is also reworked and sold to secondary users.

We also believe that the best way in which to combat the carbon footprint issue, as well as to promote sustainability, is to buy local. Local goods have a lesser impact on the environment. Imported items are shipped and freighted and this increases the number of steps needed to get them onto our shelves.



Avance Carpets may be the new kid on the block, but our roots stretch back 50 years to the wool textile hub of Tilburg, Holland. Our carpets combine traditional craftsmanship with local innovation to bring you durable, bespoke and practical commercial floor coverings. Modern trends have leaned towards wooden and laminated floors, but our carpets have several advantages, thanks to our constant focus on modernisation.

Carpets have been falsely accused of causing allergic reactions, but the latest research shows that this is not the case. These floor coverings are additionally safer, as they prevent accidental slips and injuries. The dense pile of a carpet also retains heat and makes for good insulation. Walking on carpeted floors is also better for your back, according to orthopedic specialists. Avance Carpets have been thoroughly tested by the SABS and found to be fire resistant and safe.



Produced locally at the carpet mill in Harrismith, our links to the Free State town run deep. Avance Carpets strongly believe in buying local products as this creates employment opportunities and boost our economy.

We don’t just produce carpets though, we change lives. Our corporate social investment (CSI) strategy is more than just something we do on an ad hoc basis. Nor is it purely a business decision – it’s a culture that’s taken up by our employees in their personal capacity.

Avance Carpets are proud supporters of the Maluti Child Care Project as our primary CSI initiative. More than 4 500 orphans are fed weekly in the Harrismith and surrounding areas. Other than the provision of meals, funding also goes towards employment costs for the social workers (assisted by 42 volunteer child care givers), which provide much needed psychological, emotional and physical support for sick and abused children.

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